Uber Kids


Frequently Answer & Questions

Certainly, we will make the necessary arrangements to provide booster seats for all children who need them. However, please note that our shuttle services are only available for children who are over 35 inches tall.

From Monday to Friday, we will provide transportation services to pick up your child from your home and take them to school. After school, we will also pick up your child from school and transport them back to your home.



To transport one child from their home to school and back, the fee is $25 per day. We request a commitment of either one month or ten months.



Yes kids are expected to be waiting outside their home at the designated time slot.

Kids will be dropped off in front of the school and must walk to their classroom un supervised.

Kids must come to the bus afterschool on their own before 3PM. 

Our drivers possess a Class 4 Drivers license at minimum, have a clean driving record, undergone a criminal background check, and have received quality training.

Furthermore, our vehicles undergo government inspection twice a year and are also inspected daily by the driver.